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About us

IFE Corp. is an organization formed by a team of expert professionals dedicated to optimizing the efficiency, profitability, and success of your business. We specialize in administrative services, financial consulting, and outsourcing, having forged solid relationships with strategic partners in the logistics sector, including import, export, and storage.

Our proactive approach enables us to anticipate potential issues for our clients and find effective and beneficial solutions for them. Furthermore, we extend our reach to offer advisory services to families in Latin America, Canada, and Europe by establishing a Family Office for a select group of high-net-worth clients. We are committed to assisting and guiding each step in the structuring, management, and development of your family legacy.

Our Values

We are an organization guided by pillars and values that strengthen our relationship with clients and allow us to be your trusted partner. Our pillars and values are:


We act with honesty, ethics, and transparency.


We strive to be accurate in all our services and solutions.


We are dedicated to providing the best service to our clients.


We work to generate and sustain the trust of our clients.


At IFE Corp., we offer a variety of specialized services:


We provide administrative services for the purchase, sale, and management of real estate and personal properties, goods, equipment, and machinery of all kinds. Our focus lies in strategic analysis, market studies, planning, projection, and execution of projects.


We supply the personnel or resources necessary for the planning, organization, execution, and growth of our clients’ projects and businesses.


We advise on the creation and investigation of investment projects, partnerships, and acquisitions, providing necessary market information.


We specialize in providing advice to a select group of clients, including families in Latin America, Canada, and Europe. We assist and guide at every stage of the structuring, management, and development of the family legacy.

We handle a wide variety of business activities to meet the needs of our clients.

IFE Corp.

It is dedicated to a variety of commercial activities, which include the representation and marketing of brands and products in electronic security, import and export of mass consumer goods, service proposals and projects, investments in real estate and personal property, management of shares and social interests, among others.

Our reach also extends to the construction of partnerships and companies of any kind, including the creation of companies in other jurisdictions. We fulfill and carry out contracts and agreements of all kinds, and we are willing to assume the business, property or obligations of any individual or legal entity.

At IFE Corp, we are committed to conducting any other lawful business for legal purposes, whether in the Republic of Panama or anywhere else in the world.

Representation and marketing of brands and products.

Capital investment in real estate and personal property of any kind and description.

Service proposals and project implementation.

Management of shares and social participations in other companies.

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